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I NKfVs arkiv nedan finns publikationer inom vattenbruksområdet listade i kronologisk ordning med den senast publicerade överst. Här finns både svenska och internationella rapporter skrivna på engelska.

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Securing sustainable access to aquatic foods (2023)

Feasibility and potential for farming and conditioning of wild fish fed with by-catches in Sweden (2021)

The WorldFish Research and Innovation Strategy 2020-2030: Aquatic Foods for Healthy People and Planet (2021)

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2020 - Sustainability in action (2020)

The state of world fisheries and aquaculture 2018 – Meeting the sustainable development goals (2018)

The role of seafood for sustainable and healthy diets – the EAT-Lancet commission report through a blue lens (2019)

Aquaponics Food Production Systems (2019)

Policy brief: The Pacific oysterThe Pacific oyster– a new Nordic foodresource and a basisfor tourism (2019)

Mussel farming in the Baltic Sea as an environmental measure – new positive data from three ongoing EU projects (2019)

Processing and storage of mussels: mussels to feed through fly larvae (2019)

Results from Baltic Blue Growth project’s mussel farms and way forward for mussel farming in the Baltic (2019)

Recruitment, growth and production of blue mussels in the Baltic Sea (2019)

Eider predation mitigation tools for Baltic Sea mussel farming - Observations and experience from eider mitigation tool testing as part of the project “Baltic Blue Growth” (2019)

Technical evaluation of submerged mussel farms in the Baltic Sea (2019)

Baltic Sea blue mussel farming Operational Decision Support System ODSS (2019)

Environmental impacts of mussel farming (2019)

Socioeconomic Impact of Mussel Farming in Coastal Areas of Baltic Sea (2019)

Cost Benefit Analysis of Mussel Processing (2019)

Common methodological approach on addressing the mussel farms in maritime spatial plans (MSP) (2019)

Legislation Issues Status Report - Legislation issues of mussel farming in the Baltic Sea (2019)

How to turn Ecosystem Payments to Baltic Mussel Farms into reality? (2019)

Business situation analysis for a mussel farm located in east-coast Sweden Project ”Baltic Blue Growth” (2019)

The Pan-Baltic environmental optimization strategies of mussel farming (2019)

PEGASUS - Phycomorph European Guidelines for a Sustainable Aquaculture of Seaweeds (2019)

Food and feed safety aspects of mussel- and insect-based feed Report from fish and poultry trials (2019)

Mussel Farming Costs in the Baltic Sea (2018)

Analyse av lukka oppdrett av laks – landbasert og i sjø: produksjon, økonomi og risiko (2018)

Overview of farming techniques for aquaculture in Sweden (2017)

Farming of blue mussels in the Baltic Sea A review of pilot studies 2007-2016 (2017)

Mussel Meal Procurement (2017)

Existing data on environmental impacts related to mussel farming in the Baltic Sea (2017)

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2016 (2016)

Ecological Assessment of Swedish water bodies - Development, harmonisation and integration of biological indicators (2016)

Ocean foods ecosystems for planetary survival in the Anthropocene (World Nutrition Forum 2016) (2016)


A Guide to Recirculation Aquaculture An introduction to the new environmentally friendly and highly productive closed fish farming systems (2015)

Green Growth in Fisheries and Aquaculture (2015)

The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2014 (2014)

Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture for food security and nutrition. A report by The High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (2014)

InTerAct - Industry-Academia Interaction in the Marine Sector (2014)

Fish to 2030: prospects for fisheries and aquaculture (2013)

Growing aquaculture in sustainable ecosystems (2013)

Strategic Approaches for Aquaculture Industry Development: Flat Oyster Cultivation in Scandinavia (2013)

Site selection and carrying capacities for inland and coastal aquaculture (2013)

FAO Technical paper: Impact of rising feed ingredient prices on aquafeeds and aquaculture production (2009)

The prerequisites for, and potential of, cod farming in Sweden/ Förutsättningar och potential för torskodling i Sverige (2005)

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